Halloween Costumes?

Curlyprincess36Curlyprincess36 Posts: 31Registered Users
I decided that my dog and I would be Peacocks this year. I bought him a costume from Target and I made my Costume from clothes I already have.
Do any of you dress up?
If so what is your favorite costume of all of the ones you have worn?
Does anyone else dress to match their pets?
Happy Curls-Good Luck!:angel9:


  • JosephineJosephine Posts: 14,301Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I always dress up, my favorite was wonder woman from 7 years ago ..I'm waiting to lose enough weight to fit back into it.

    This year has been busy with traveling and my friends wedding. I was a referee over the weekend(quick and easy) and tnite i think im gonna wear my madonna like a virgin costume i made last year that I hardly wore.

    I don't have pets lol and have no idea if I would dress them up or match.

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