How much hair loss is normal? I'm scared...

My hair is already thin and I lose so much hair everyday in the shower and while styling...I'm afraid I'm not going to have any left! Whenever I put my hair up or half-up, I have to worry about weird bare spots.

So, what is a normal amount of hair to lose daily? And, what could cause so much hair loss? I'm guessing bad nutrition, perhaps...
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    It's normal to lose on average 100 hairs a day. If you don't wash every day, you will have more hair coming out in each wash because it's several days worth of loose hair.

    However.... if you have bare patches, I would see your doctor. At the very least take a vitamin supplement with biotin, eat plenty of protein, and drink lots of water. Nutrition (good or bad) can have a very noticeable effect on hair.
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    I shed this time last year real bad. My hair got thin so I'm watching this year to make sure it wasn't a spring shedding or something.
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    The only one time my hair was shedding alot was when i got a perm years ago. :? . i thought for sure i would have no hair even tho it didnt look like i was loosing any , i just noticed more in the shower and on my comb than the norm..and mind u i have gotten perms since i was young and didnt know i had my own curls and never had any shedding before this last perm , might have been that it was over 10yrs since i had one and my hair just didnt care for it anymore. that told me never to perm again anymore. it lessened as the weeks went on.. now my hair is fine but it was freaky to see all that hair . i barely loose anything when i shower now , the only time i might have some strands on my comb is when i wash every 2-3 days and from sleeping on my hair and just water spritzing to get the curl refreshed that i dont comb my hair. only comb with my fingers , so therefore when i wash its the knots or extra hair im coming out..if i put alot of condish and let my hair soak for 5mins then i get nada hairs, if im in a hurry to wash i get a few . i also take a womens multi vit and nourishair vits from GNC together everyday , drink plenty of water water and have more veggies-better diet etc so that helps.
    If your loosig loads of hair and cant fig out the culprit then i advise u to go to your Dr and get some blood work done , could be your thyriod.
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