Low porosity/ protein sensitive hair - help!

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Hey guys!

So I finally figured out about a month ago that my hair is protein sensitive and low porosity. My hair is pretty long, almost down to my butt, but also relatively thin. I researched some stuff and bought Shea Mouisture's Low Porosity Protein-Free shampoo and leave in detangler. For shampoo I've been using Yes to Carrots conditioner. This routine has been working fine, but a day or so after washing my hair, my hair begins to become extremely dry. I don't want to wash my hair so often, I was washing every 3rd day, but had to switch to washing every other day because my ends would get so dry. Do you guys have any tips or tricks that could help me? I haven't been using oils on my hair because it's so thin, but maybe I need one to lock in the conditioner?


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    I think there are a lot of us in the same boat. The only advice I have to offer is that if your hair is dry, you don't have to go through the whole washing routine--you can just wet your hair down with some water from the sink and reapply a little product. I do this occasionally, wetting my hair just to the point where it starts to make the "squish" sound. I try to keep the roots relatively dry so that my hair doesn't take too long to try afterward. I wouldn't wash your hair unless your hair is truly dirty, because that will eventually dry your hair out due to oils being stripped from the hair.
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    My hair does the same thing. I've found that if I use a VERY small amount of that Shea Moisture Smoothie only on the dry spots, emulsified on my hands with a little water first, it is like a MIRACLE. It rehydrates it, and makes it really shiny even. I can't live without it lol and my hair is fine and everything. It has protein in it, but mostly it just feels like a thick cream. You're protein sensitive though, so you'll probably have to use something similar but with just the oils or butters.

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