3B curly My DevaCut experience

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When I went to get my hair cut at other salons the stylist wouldn't listen to what I wanted. It was different this time my new stylist sat me down and looked at my hair and listened to what I wanted done. My hair before used to get easily snarled and looked like a rats nest. After my hair was cut in the DevaCurl way it was easy to style. Yes it Cost $50, but it was worth the Price.
P.s. I suggest you get A DevaCurl Cut for your next cut, you won't regret it. My mom used to do a lot of Curl shaming but that stopped After the DevaCurl cut. In fact she loved it.
Happy Curls-Good Luck!:angel9:


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    I've had good deva cuts and really bad ones. So now I'm really confused as to what they are doing. So, when you lift your hair up, or pieces of your hair, should you have a long piece and short and medium???

    Natural hair color - dark brunette
    Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b
  • Curlyprincess36Curlyprincess36 Registered Users Posts: 31
    They cut your hair Curl by curl. I would suggest using DevaClips and only opening them about a centimeter and clipping the roots to add lift. This works with my hair which is exactly like yours.
    Good Luck with your Curls.
    Happy Curls-Good Luck!:angel9:

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