my high density, fine, porous hair routine

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I've been really frustrated with my hair.

I tried tightly curly method and i the beginning i got really nice fat (?) curls. bur after a while my hair became really dry and my curls stretched out, even though my scalp felt just fine.

I tried curly girl and got really itchy scalp from the conditioner even though my strands felt soft and hydrated.

My hair loves protein but not too much. Likes oils but not just any oil. Is naturally dry but gets weighed down by EVERYTHING (almost). And I happen to have most of my hair at the bottom, near my neck! ARGH! Such a pain in the butt!

At some point (recently) I figured out that in my hopeless case, less is more.

I have a sensitive scalp, so I have to shampoo 1x-2x a week with a nice sulfate-free shampoo (avalon organics rosemary). Once a month I clarify (tresemme clarify shampoo).

When I rinse my shampoo I massage generous amounts of conditioner in my hair (urtecram rose or avalon organics for everyday, tresemme botanics once n a while but not too much cos it's protein-y). I really have to massage it very well everywhere, and not just apply it. This has been one of my biggest mistakes in the past. I just combed the conditioner through my hair and let it stay there. But when I massage it I see a world of difference!

I rinse my conditioner completely and use a towel.

Then I wait a bit for my hair to be damp (it dries quite fast without product).

I then apply argan oil generously.

And then, the thing i do is wet my hair with COLD water, sealing the oil in somehow and also redefining the curls.

That way, my hair stays hydrated in the humid UK climate, and when Im out I can actually feel my hair absorbing moisture from the air and feeling plump and soft... When I was leaving products on my hair (conditioner, gels) my hair just wilted and frizzed out, being flat on top and puffy at the ends! It's still frizzy, but now I have frizzy spirals and ringlets! it's such a progress for me. Plus i dont get the flat top (HATE IT, it makes me look so dorky!). When im inside the house my hair gets drier but Im so happy I can feel CURLS.

Hope it helps any ladies with similar problems :albino: <3

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