Getting a weave before doing big chop?

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Hey yall! I'm currently relaxed but at that stage where my natural hair is a few centimeters and I have to flat iron my roots every time I've showered. I've been thinking of going back to natural for a while but have a few questions and I hope someone wants to give their advice!

I'm thinking of getting a weave in the same hair style I have now and pretty much have a weave until my hair looks good on its own and do a big chop. Is that a good or bad idea? It'll be my first time ever getting a weave.

Also does anyone have any styling advice on this hair type, I never got it to look good once it had dried when I was natural:
gyazo. (SPACE HERE BECAUSE I CANT POST LINKS) com/f45da1721b237d8404333cdc54150cae


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    The argument I have seen for doing a big chop and rocking the TWA (so against getting a weave) is that the weave would prevent you from learning how to care for your natural hair. It's easier to experiment and learn entirely new techniques and find all new products when your hair is short, but if you wait until your hair is longer, you'll suddenly have a head full of texture you never learned to care for or style. You can only go so wrong with a TWA, whereas a bad hair day with longer hair can go really bad.

    I guess you could big chop and see how you feel about it, give it a week or two. If you just cannot deal with your hair being that short, then you could get a weave, but maybe you'll love it. A lot of people describe it as freeing and empowering and loving it even though they expected to hate it.
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