2B/C, medium everthing product suggestions

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I apologize if there is an existing thread for this. I searched a bit but then got impatient. My hair is mostly 2B/C (though I find random super curly or almost straight hairs once in a while) medium everything--density (it used to be very dense but it has gotten a bit thinner as I get older), porosity, texture, etc. It's extremely long right now because I've just been too lazy to get it cut. I was using DevaCurl no poo/one condition/light defining gel for a while but 1. I think my scalp is sensitive to the fragrance, making it itchy and flakey and 2. it's just not giving me the results I want. My hair still seems drier and poofier than I'd prefer by the end of the day. Years ago I used a curl cream from Infusium and it was great but of course they discontinued it. I know I definitely need to get it cut since I'm sure the drier, older ends aren't helping but I'm looking for new product suggestions. There are just too many choices and I find it overwhelming. Thanks in advance for any ideas!


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    I personally am enjoying the Mop Top shampoo and gentle conditioner, Kinky Curly Curling Custard. But I have coarse low density hair. Not sure if these would be a good fit for you or not..... I was reading this article that made me begin to focus on my hair density and porosity instead of my curl pattern. The porosity helped me really understand why I can't cowash, can't use heavy creams/butters on my hair, and why my hair easily gets weighed down. Beginner's Guide to Hair Porosity & Width That being said, you might jump over to the medium porosity threads and post there. They might be more help than I am... Oh and have you tried clarifying? I had scalp issues until I clarified. This may not be the same scenario but thought I would mention.
    Curl Pattern: 2B/2C ( I think), LP, high density, coarse
    I'm experimenting with the following....
    Shampoo: Mop Top gentle shampoo, Mop Top clarifying rescue treatment
    Conditioner: Mop Top Daily Conditioner
    Leave in: As I am, KKKT
    Gel: Kinky Curly Custard, Cantu define and shine custard
    Refresher: Geranium Refresher Spray (2c distilled water+5 drops of geranium essential oil), DIY spray gel (1 T Mop Top custard + 1 oz distilled water)

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