Are Transitioning Kits a Raquet?

AddeeAddee Registered Users Posts: 412 Curl Connoisseur
I heard someone say this on Youtube and I was curious about it. I have had natural hair a long time and my transition was very short. I don't feel I know a lot about transitioning. People ask me questions and my normal advice is to big chop after a couple of months. Of course, not everyone is comfortable with this so I was wondering if the long term transitioners felt these kits were beneficial or just a marketing ploy. Do you feel you would get the same results out of using the regular products? What is the difference?

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  • GlamourstruckkGlamourstruckk Registered Users Posts: 312 Curl Connoisseur
    The kits started coming out after I had already ended my long transition. I do think these kits are unnecessary. You don't NEED these kits to transition and you are paying for the convenience. I actually used all my same products at the beginning of my transition.


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