Best/easiest method for making Flax Seed gel?

Despite being a member here for eons, I've actually never tried Flax Seed gel. I love the idea of it though.

It looks like there's several different approaches for making it (particularly the straining methods). If you've tried different approaches and landed on a clearly superior one...please share it here!

Thanks :occasion5:
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  • joslin2005joslin2005 Posts: 43Registered Users
    I used to make flax seed hair gel all the time. I had tried using cheesecloth. It was messy. The easiest way that I found was to use a mesh strainer with small holes. I would boil my water, add the flaxseed, continue stirring until it thickens and has the jelly like substance. I would place the mesh strainer over a bowl that could handle the heat without breaking. You can allow to cool a little but you will want it on the hotter aide when straining. After the majority of gel/water strained through, I would take a metal spoon and gently smash to get a lil extra of the gel out. Some of it will hang from the strainer so I would use the spoon to get the last lil bit into the bowl. I allowed to cool to room temperature. Then I transferred to a jar. I used a salsa jar that I had cleaned out. I would add about 2-3 drop of geranium essential oil, put lid lid on and place in fridge. I like the geranium eo because it smelled good, extended the shelf life, and had benefits for my hair. You can experiment with the eos based on smell, hair benefits and shelf life. Many like lavendar but it doesnt work as well for my hair and I don't really like the smell. The flax seed gel is great but just a pain if your traveling. It does go bad and the shelf life isn't extremely long. You can tell when it goes bad bc it smells rancid if you don't use EO. If you use EO, it will smell a little off. One more thing, if using EO, always allow the gel to cool before adding EO. Heat destroys some of the beneficial properties of EO.

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    My routine is pretty darn close to what joslin2005 does. I add guar gum and blend, and use lavender oil, but the cooking and straining routine is the same.
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    That's my method as well. The first time I did it I used a nylon stocking, but that's not necessary. A smallish, fine strainer; heat proof jar; spoon; and sweet orange and neroli essential oils are what I use. First timers need to experiment with the seed/water ratio and boil time to find the right snot level (snot=mucilaginous material).

    If you let it cool before straining it will end up way too thick to manage. I made that mistake once and when I attempted to pour the gel into my dispensing bottle, it slid in one big, slippery glob right out of the jar and into the sink.

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