hair, dry brittle strawlike- don't know what to do

my hair is 3b-. Now it is incredibly dry no matter what i do. I tried protein, and then I tried going protein free to see if it was the culprit- no difference. I've tried so many different home made hair masks, as well as store bought ones. I've tried following different directions on the internet. no improvement whatsoever.

any suggestions?

could it be the water at my house?


  • MorrisonFan91MorrisonFan91 Posts: 609Registered Users Curl Connoisseur

    might be hard water/lots of minerals in it? shower filter may help if so.
  • Therese1Therese1 Posts: 2,563Registered Users Curl Virtuoso
    Did you clarify using a sulfate shampoo? Your hair may have buildup. But yes, if you have hard water, that can make the hair dry. An apple cider vinegar rinse may help that.
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    At the beginning of my CG journey I also went through a very brittle, straw-like phase - turned out my hair *hated* the coconut-based products that so many curlies swear by. You might want to check the labels on your current products for ingredients that are not working for your hair. Unfortunately, the only way to find such a culprit is to eliminate ingredients, one at a time, and see what happens. Good luck!
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    Echoing what the others said, and if clarifying/chelating/ruling out products with culprit ingredients don't help, lots of deep conditioning is what I'd recommend. Fenugreek is a great natural treatment to put moisture on/in the hair.

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    Try making use of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner together with Serum. Hope it will help you out in dealing with dry brittle strawlike hair.
  • jenny123jenny123 Posts: 11Registered Users
    I recommend you to use natural oils. I have saved my damaged hair with oils :) this site is very helpful Argan Oil - Golden liquid for hair - Oil And Hair

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