Hairspray....breaking bad habits

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I can't seem to break my bad habit of using hairspray! What can I say I'm an 80's child and can't feel finished with my hair till it has that final spray. I did purchase the Pantene alcohol free spray but I don't like how it feels and sprays. I have very fine 2c with some 3a pieces. I feel like my curls droop and I lose volume without a spray to finish but I also feel like I'm defeating the purpose of the CG method by continuing to use spray. Anyone else battle this and have any ideas?


  • naturecatnaturecat Posts: 1,986Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I like hairspray! It gives me hold without weight. I like it better than gel in fact. I currently use Intelligent Nutrients Perfect Hold. Andalou was cheaper but it irritated respiratory issues for me (and I don't think the hold was as strong, esp in the humidity with the weight of my leave in). You can also make your own from white sugar or orange (orange particularly if you're prone to dry hair). My hair is the same as yours, very fine 2C/3A. The sprays I mentioned are all natural and CG friendly, though not necessarily alcohol free, but I don't find them drying. Esp. the IN. Obviously the homemade are alcohol free. There are certain realities when you have delicate 3a pieces that need to hold up overnight without getting pulled out by the weight of too much gel/product. Hairspray is one of the best ways to do it IMO. There are plenty of CG and/or homemade sprays out there to try. Your only other alternative would be adding more hard hold gel to your hair when the curls are closer to drying (to help prevent excess weight on the hair). You can try a strong hold mousse but personally I don't find the hold, particularly the overnight hold, to be enough.

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    It's an interesting question. What would make the hairspray non-cg? If a product contains alcohol does that mean it is automatically non-cg? Can you wash your hair with a no-poo or lo-poo or do you have to resort to a sulfate shampoo?

    Sometimes I question the strictness of going c.g. Everyone's hair is different.

    if you find hairspray works for you and doesn't dry out your hair, I say go for it!
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    I agree with curlypearl: try an alcohol-containing hairspray and see how your hair responds. Everyone's hair is different.

    I use hairspray myself, and I actually find that it improves my hair because it puts one more layer between my hair and the environment, so my hair looks better for longer. I use the Intelligent Nutrients spray that naturecat has. Intelligent Nutrients also has a moisture-replenishing one that I use in the wintertime. I also have one from Giovanni's 2chic line (papaya and tangerine), which is cheaper. But some people find the smell of it chemically (I actually like it--very strong citrus smell).
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    Thanks so much for the recommendations. I will definitely give the intelligent nutrients a try. I just picked an alcohol free one up at sallies (ion) but I noticed it has a silicone way down on the ingredient list that I missed. I guess I'm mostly worried about putting all this moisture back in my hair and defeating the purpose by spraying it with a drying spray. I didn't realize there are CG friendly sprays. So relieved to hear it! My curls definitely benefit from a little hold!
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    Oh there are definitely CG sprays out there. Also not all silicones give people problems. Giovanni also some some sprays that should be CG (though I've not tried them). Aubrey Organics has hairsprays (which they keep changing but still) that are definitely CG as their products are chemical free or chemical light. Then there's also some Aussie Instant Freeze spray which I've seen people on here mention they like, though I don't know if CG or not. I'm sure there are others.

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    I always preferred sprays that contains Juvexin and Provitamin B5 like GKhair Light Hold Hair Spray that keeps my hair moisturized. So my hair remains moisturized, healthy yet stylish.
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    I am a huge fan of hairspray as well. I don't use it everyday but whenever I want my hair to be extra big or want my curls to stand up to all day rather than fall I turn to my trusted spray. I use the DevaCurl hairspray and have been very happy with it. It is not alcohol free but it is not drying at all (at least not for me) and given that it was created by the brand that was built on the CG method I am pretty sure it is CG friendly.
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