Is plopping too long really a thing?

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Hey! I've been pretty happy with my hair overall lately, but sometimes I noticed that the "smaller" half of my hair when it's parted (does that make sense?) often lays weird after plopping, especially right at the front of my face. Actually, all along my part, I get some strange curls sometimes.

In certain lighting, it makes my halo frizz look crazy! Gosh darn the harsh fluorescent lights.

I usually plop between 30 min-1 hr and I sleep with my hair mostly dried but fanned out on my pillow. I guess it dries sticking straight up. And sometimes it doesn't want to comeback down. Lol

ANYWAY, this topic really digressed, but let me know if you have any thoughts or similar experiences. Thanks!!
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    I haven't gotten plopping to work yet. I think it might be the length of my hair? The sides around my face just end up sticking straight out. It's not a good look, lol.
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