easy wedding guest hairstyles ?

Hi ! I'm attending a wedding and wanted to have a little fancier hairstyle for it but am inept at the messy curly bun. My hair is 2c/3a and shoulder length. Any ideas would be great!

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Best combo so far:
SheaMosture Curl and shine milk , Ouidad heat and humidity gel


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    you can experiment with a sort of 'fake' hair up look --
    section off the top part of your hair and twist each section back and secure with a nice butterfly clip -- then do the same with the sides, or just grab all they hair on each side for one clip on each side.
    you can place the clips anywhere -- an inch back, 2 inches, 3 inches.... you can even do a couple of clips one behind the other.

    i don't know if you can picture this, but you can just play around with your hair and see if something like this would work. it does look very dressy and is easy to do and should stay in place all day/night.

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    I love many of the styles in Strictly Curls by Nicole Siri. If you have time, you might consider ordering the book. Super easy and very pretty.

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