I can't get KCCC to work. Any advice?

I have 3A hair that's normal/thin with normal porosity. My hair doesn't mind protein but hates glycerin.

I have tried KCCC 5 times or so and it's never better than my Curls Rock Amplifier (I know it's not cg but it's a silicone that evaporates so I'm okay with it) all on its own.

I've been using KCCC with LALSG and once with Curls Rock and I'm thinking it might not be enough hold so I've ordered BRHG.

I've searched the forum for others in this situation and tried the various techniques.

I want to love this product but I can't get it to work.


  • piccadilly13piccadilly13 Registered Users Posts: 79 Curl Neophyte
    Hi! I have hi-po, fine, 2c/3a hair, and I use quite a few products but if I had to choose only one, KCCC would be it. For me, KCCC is what gives me the curl definition I need; I have to use a gel along with it for hold.

    What's your current process with it? I rake it through while my hair is still very wet, scrunch, scrunch out excess water with a t-shirt, and then plop with a microfiber turbie.
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  • DicestBearDicestBear Registered Users Posts: 7
    I've tried a few different ways. I always start with my leave in and I've tried:

    - Using praying hands to put in LALSG and scrunching in KCCC then plopping, and reverse

    - scrunching in LALSG and then KCCC, and reverse

    - scrunching with t-shirt and then scrunching in LALSG and then KCCC, and reverse.

    I've tried various amounts of LALSG and KCCC. I get curls but nothing really defined.
  • krlykrly Registered Users Posts: 25 Curl Neophyte
    I just tried KCCC today for the first time. I had high hopes because I've been loving KCKT but my hair is greasy, sticky, and looks dirty today w/ KCCC (I washed it last night!). Maybe I used too much. I am so disappointed with this result. I applied it by raking it through my hair and then scrunching it upside down (this is the way I normally apply styling products). I can't wait to rinse it out!

    Following this thread with hopes of seeing how others are using this product.

    Fine, curly/wavy, prone to breakage. Still figuring out curl pattern...3A on some days (only w/ product), 2C on others (but not coarse). Would love help on hair-typing! Low porosity (I think). I thought it was low-density, but a hairstylist told me I have tiny hairs growing in underneath that break, so that's why it's thin). Product junkie; will update when I settle on a routine. Experimenting. (Join date is '13 but I only really started using this site in June '16. Feeling hopeful).
  • Curls80Curls80 Registered Users Posts: 526 Curl Connoisseur
    I've tried this intermittently and never have been in love. In fact I liked uncle funky's danger Curly Magic much better, and even Camille rose Curl maker is good. With any of these jellies I use a gel on top though. KCCC never worked as well for me as I thought it should, but my hair is quite porous and sucks up product.
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  • SavagegirlSavagegirl Registered Users Posts: 383 Curl Connoisseur
    A little kccc goes a long way! Its finicky but once you figure it out, its great for definition and hold. Try using less, see how it goes.

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  • CepenneyCepenney Registered Users Posts: 9
    I used to scrunch KCCC on my hair when it was quite damp, and then add BRHG on top, then diffuse. That worked but my hair looked super hard and wet until it was dry, then it would look ok after a good scrunch. Now I use it on top of curl cream and Jessicurl Spiralicious. I put on curl cream and spiralicious after I squeeze out the excess moisture with a terry cloth towel, plop for 10-20 minutes, then diffuse a little bit (like a minute or two on each section so it's not so wet), then a little bit of KCCC on top and then diffuse again. Definitely keeps my frizz in check. Don't use too much and if you need help with hold, you'll need to use it with another gel or curl cream.
  • MyrnaMyrna Registered Users Posts: 2,472 Curl Connoisseur
    I dont love it either. I have a new full container that I have not used. I think its the marshmallow, which Camille Rose also has. OP, why does it HAVE to work?? if it doesnt, it doesnt.
  • jlperschkejlperschke Registered Users Posts: 17
    Myrna wrote: »
    I dont love it either. I have a new full container that I have not used. I think its the marshmallow, which Camille Rose also has. OP, why does it HAVE to work?? if it doesnt, it doesnt.
    It doesn't, I just thought I was doing something wrong.

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