Natural hair might go back to relaxed?

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Hi everyone, I'm Meme, I'm a newbie here and I need your help.
Quick info on my hair journey: my mom relaxed my hair since I was a little girl (starting around 6 y.o). Growing up, relaxer was all I knew. So I used it up until 2011. Then I did the big chop and joined team natural. My hair care routine is pretty basic:
*Shea moisture yucca & plantain shampoo.
*TRESemme Conditioner, Naturals Nourishing Moisture
*Cantu Leave in conditioner
*Coconut oil (sometimes)
I have a mixture of 3b and 3c hair but it's more 3c. My hair is beautiful and loose when wet but when my 3c curls dry...i can't style it.
I need help. I'm so close to buying a texturizer. I love doing buns (High, low, messy, twisted). But since I stopped relaxing, my hair doesn't lay flat. So I have a bun but then from the hairline to the mid section, there's a bunch of hairs sticking up or coiling up and looking like tiny afros. I've tried coconut oil, leave ins, gel, and spray. I also tried the edge control (worked better, but makes my hair feel sticky). I always have to wear a headband outside because my hair is fuzzy.
I like using a banana clip to air dry and style but my hair gets tangled really bad.
I need a solution for stretching these curls and taming these stray aways.

Any help advice?


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    Hi Meme. Do you have pictures of your hair you could post? If you wore your hair straight all of your life, getting accustomed to very curly hair can be difficult. Many times, those short hairs sticking up are new hairs growing in or the downy hair often referred to as baby hair.

    It sounds like you need to learn your hair properties. I'm asking your hair is either fine or normal, which means you may need more protein in your conditioner. The Tressemme conditioner is high in emollients, but not protein. You could also start using a styling product geared toward fine hair. The other property you need to know is whether your hair low, normal, or high porosity. This describes how your hair handles water retention. Knowing these things help you find products better suited to your hair.

    I posted link in another thread but I would have to look for it. Goosefootprints on etsy also does hair analyses to help you figure this out.

    I would try this first before texturizing. Even if you decide to go back to chemicals, knowing your hair properties will help it remain healthy.

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    The number one thing you need to do is accept your hair as it naturally is and not to expect it to behave like your straight relaxed hair did. Your hair may not lay flat. You can try tying your hair down with a silk scarf for about 20 minutes after smoothing it down with product. That works for me but not for everybody.
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    Hi :) I wanted to say that I can't style my hair very easily when it's dry, either, and I think that's pretty common. I always have to get some water /gel, or conditioner on my hands first. But basically, that's how curly hair is. I think you're just not used to it, and I can understand why. You've been having straight hair for years now, and then having curly hair now, it must be tricky. Hang in there. This group here is great, I've learned SO much. Good luck!

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