How do you know if a product is working or not?

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How do you guys tell if a product works or not? I put in a curling enchancing cream in my hair and the white stuff will not rub out and it just ends up making my hair look nappy and my curls messed up. Same thing with the curing custard from cantu it's clear but it messes up my hair. I even use a little bit and it still leaves the white stuff and manages to mess up my hair. Am I applying it wrong or it doesn't work? I have 3c/4a hair.


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    Just so you know some people find the term nappy to be insulting. In my background the word is derogatory.. Other people don't have a problem with it but since there are people from around the world on this forum I wanted to make sure you knew that so you don't unknowlingly rub someone the wrong way.

    As far as your question. People have the tendency to ask me what products I use and I'm like are you asking about shampoos, deep conditioners? I guess it's "working" if it's doing what you intend it to do. If a shampoo doesn't get my hair as clean as I want it to it doesn't work for me. If a deep conditioner doesn't leave my hair feeling moisturizer the it doesn't work for me. It sounds like maybe you are referring to styling products. That's tricky because some people think a styling product alone can give their hair a certain look that is not naturally what their hair looks like. Also a styling product is really like icing on a cake. So if your hair does not have a foundation that is healthy and well moisturized then a styling product isn't going to be as much use to you. If your hair has buildup then products won't work. Also some stylers have ingredients that don't react well with other products. Some stylers may be too heavy or too light depending on the thickness of your strands. I believe I mentioned before there is more to it than hair type. If your hair is fine then likely it won't care for heavy creams. I have fine hair so anything styler with the word pudding gets left on the store shelf. . If your hair is low porosity it might have trouble absorbing products when it's soaking wet. I'm low porosity and I NEVER apply products to my hair when it's soaking wet because it will just sit on my hair. So how you apply a product is just as important as what you apply. Even with directions I also experiment with application techniques. Wet vs damp. Try using less. That is how I finally made the SMCES work for me. I use like a dime size on four sections. Also research glycerine. glycerine may not work depending on the climate where you live or the weather for that time of the year. HTH
    And learn your hair properties not just your hair type.
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