How do you know if a product is working or not?

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How do you guys tell if a product works or not? I put in a curling enchancing cream in my hair and the white stuff will not rub out and it just ends up making my hair look nappy and my curls messed up. Same thing with the curing custard from cantu it's clear but it messes up my hair. I even use a little bit and it still leaves the white stuff and manages to mess up my hair. Am I applying it wrong or it doesn't work? I have 3c/4a hair


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    if the hair looks/feels good to you and is healthy, then yeah, I'd say the product is working. Cantu didn't work well for my hair either. the leave-in left little white balls and a couple of their other products left my hair waxy. I stopped using it. Natural hair maintenance is largely trial and error. I've only recently found what worked for my hair and gave good results consistently. I'm also coming up on Year 3 of my CG journey.
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    Well, if you don't like the way your hair looks, something isn't working. (What you like and what somebody else likes might be different, that part is up to you.)

    Personally, I'll try a few things before I totally give up.

    1. Using less or more. If I use too much KCCC, my hair looks greasy and stringy. If I use the right amount, I love the curl and bounce I get.

    2. Using it in different conditions- maybe it's a great product for medium humidity, but terrible in high humidity or vice versa.

    3. Testing before I combine products. Before you put a styler over a leave in, try mixing them on the back of your hand. If they form white balls when mixed, or won't mix at all, they won't work together in your hair, either.

    I really wasn't into LALSG the first time I used it, now I love it for really humid days. I don't like it much for lower humidity, but for high humidity, it's great for me. So you may want to play around with this product under different conditions.
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    Unfortunately YeaYeah it comes down to just experimenting. I would recommend becoming very familiar with how individual ingredients affect the hair and then you can label read before purchasing. Finding a hair twin also helps and see what they use. Best of luck - its a journey for sure!
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