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I'm a newbie and am still trying to find the products that work for me. My hair was softer but still frizzy when I wet CG 2 weeks ago. It has slowly gotten frizzier and feels like straw. I just changed to a protein free shampoo/conditioner this morning. How long should I give it before I decide it isn't helping my hair?:cry:


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    Hi! I think we could be more helpful if we knew exactly which shampoo you were using/and have switched to (along with other products/stylers). Don't give up yet! There are so many good "goos" out there to try and to mix and experiment with!
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    It might take a couple of weeks for the hair to adjust. I would try to do a deep treatment with the nonprotein conditioner. I like to put the conditioner on my hair in the shower and then cover my head with a shower cap while I finish the rest of my shower. That seems to help concentrate the heat on the head so as to get more conditioner to be taken up by the hair. I like to put my head (with the shower cap on) underneath the hot water periodically to really keep the hair warm (heat helps the hair cuticle open up and absorb conditioner).

    You could also try putting a little bit of oil in your hair when your hair is dry, letting it sit to penetrate for several hours, and then washing it out with your normal shampoo. You could try olive oil for this; I wouldn't use coconut oil, because that can increase symptoms of protein overload. The oil pentrating the hair shaft helps the hair regain some elasticity. You don't need a lot; sometimes a few drops is enough. It is better to start with too little than with too much.
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    You should also clarify before you switch to the protein free items, that will help git rid of any residue, so you will be able to see how your new products are working. You might also try cowashing every other time you wash your hair. That can help a lot with frizz and dryness.
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