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What type of oil is recommended for 3c/4a hair?


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    Yeayeah wrote: »
    What type of oil is recommended for 3c/4a hair?

    I'm going to guess you mean carrier oils for sealing. I don't think there is any particular oil recommended. You just have to experiment. The main ones people use to seal I think are coconut, EVOO, argon and castor. But there are others. My hair hates coconut oil but likes castor. EVOO works but tends to break my skin out if I leave it in my hair. I think what works for me doesn't have anything to do with my hair type though. Honestly I think people put too much emphasis on hair typing. The good thing is you can buy pure oils fairly cheap (except argon) at the grocery store and Asia/Indian stores so I would start there. The ones at the bss usually have a bunch of other junk in the ingredients.

    As far as essential oils, I like rosemary, lavender but I also have thyme and cedarwood.
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    I love what Addee said about preferred oils not necessarily being tied to hair type. It also depends on what you are using it for, what is your hair goal and your allergies too. I have a close friend whose hair looks like mine, but her skin cannot tolerate evoo nor coconut. She breaks out something fierce, but surprisingly has found success with JBCO. I do hot oil treatments once or twice a month with heavy oils and it helps me. Try these search results: Search Results

    Hope That Helps :)
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