"Hot Roots" all of a Sudden!

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I've been coloring to cover random gray strands for about 6-7 years. The last 2 times I've done all-over color - the first at a salon in June or July, the second last week at home - the virgin roots have turned out much lighter and more red than the rest of my hair. At the salon, we didn't even use a reddish color, and the home color is the same one I've used all along. I don't have gray roots at this point - still just random full strands - so I think it's an issue with the uncolored roots more than any influence of gray. But what changed to cause this? And how do I prevent it?

It's so bad this time I've bought a dark ash brown root touch-up product, but I'm afraid I'll just reverse the problem and have a dark stripe at the roots. Then I think I should try a lighter "high lift" ash brown to try evening everything else out, but that has a high potential for damage. Gah!

Just give me three more years for my chronological age to catch up and give the silvers more time to amass and look less random. Really.

Anyway, thoughts?
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