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I really can't justify $60 to get a cut and colour right now, but I'm looking mighty gray.

What DIY stuff do you girls like the best right now? I'm always so overwhelmed when I'm standing in front of the shelf at the drugstore. Even if I go thinking, "just get medium brown!" I always end up with something other than and end up not liking it very much.

TIA! I'm tackling this issue tomorrow when the kids are at school and the hubby's at work!


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    Before you do anything, get a color recommendation from a good colorist. Successful haircoloring, as well as application technique, depends on your skintone(warm, neutral, cool), contrast between your virgin(natural, undyed hair)haircolor and skin, also eye color. Also, what degree of change do you want. They should do this for free.
    But in general, if your skin has warm(yellow to peachy undertones), anything coppery, bronzy, to auburn colors will look wonderful, as well as certain warm browns.
    If your skin is cool-toned(pink, rosy undertones), in general, neutral to ash colors will look good, ranging from ash blondes(depending on how light your skin and hair are to begin with)to neutral browns, and even soft black.
    If you just want to blend in some gray(if your grey is less than 50% of your total hair and evenly distributed throughout the hair)a semi-or demi-permanent color like Natural Instincts in one to two shades lighter than your natural color will give a nice natural, somewhat highlighted effect, and add shine to the hair. If you want to introduce a tone along with that the same one to two shades lighter thing still applies, but utilize a reddish, coppery or golden shade. This will not lighten the hair, as semi's and demi's are deposit-only colors(they don't lift your existing color - they add to it). If you want more of a change, as in lightening your hair, or a visibly different tone, a permanent color is the way to go.
    But stop by the colorist's first, to get a more personalized rec!
    Good luck!
    health-conscious, visionary artist in transition
  • Dee CurlzDee Curlz Posts: 123Registered Users
    Cara, great information! Thanks!

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