Safe way to "gently" fade old demi perm color?

I'm fully committed to growing out my heat and color damage, and also, I'm trying hard to resist getting my base color done at the root for a good long while into my CG journey.

Right now, I have a mixture of colors. It doesn't look awful or anything.. I used to have an all over base of a level 4n, my natural is a solid 6n/a and I have balayage highlights with an 8g sort of vibe(I'm trying to phase those out eventually with regular trims).

Is there a way I can gradually get some of the darker level 4 parts to fade without using anything harsh? The parts that are a 4 have come up warmer than my natural color which is partially ashy.. I really don't want to color my base until a lot of it has grown in, and then only for grey coverage. I just want to get a 6n put on.

Happy today! after about a month and a half CG, my hair has finally found its groove again.. No more greasy look. Just shine. Can't wait for new growth! :-)

Type: 3a | NP | med-fine but high den | bob
NP: Deva NP, DC low poo, ACV rinses
RO: Deva 1 Cond orig or decadence
LI: 1 Cond, B'leavin
Styler: Deva SPC or reg SC
Gels: DC LDG, Bouncecurl
Refresh: water w Lavender oil.
Scalp: Lav/jojoba/rosem/pep oils.
Airdry, wait 30 mins before diffusing.
Loves a little protein in stylers! Hates heavy stuff.

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