Join In With Other Teenagers With Natural Hair!

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Hi! Most of you know me as Mimi of Natural Hair Teens and follow/visit my blog. I'm so grateful and to show my appreciation and give back to all natural teens on naturally curly and everywhere else, I've started a feature series! It includes everything from hair features to glam natural Fridays to show off your natural hair!

We'd love to have you featured and showing off your gorgeous natural hair because every hair type is beautiful.

Here are the different ways you can be featured:

◾Glam Natural Fridays:

Show off your natural hair and hairstyles by using the hash tag #glamnaturalfriday on instagram or sending us a picture of your hair any day of the week to be among those featured on Fridays as glam naturals!

◾New Naturals:

Are you transitioning or did you just big chop? Share how this change has affected you, your concerns or your goals.

◾Hair Icons:

You can be featured as a hair icon by sending your answers to these questions.

Tell us a little about you?

Your hair type and description?

What made you to go natural?

What challenges have you faced in your hair journey?

What do you love most about your hair?

What is your hair regimen?

Your favorite hairstyle(s)?

Your top 3 hair products?

Your hair goals?

Tell us something you wish you had known when you first went natural?

Where can we find you on the Web or social media?

◾Your Hair Story:

You can tell us your hair story in your own words. We know it hasn't been easy and that there have been ups and downs. Maybe moments you got frustrated, felt confident with your hair, wore your hair out for the first time, found the best routine for your hair and lots more.

To get started right now:

Just send an email to [email protected] and I'll be with you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.

Can you get featured in more than one section?

Yes, you can! For instance you can be featured as a hair icon and also a glam natural or your sharing personal your hair story if you would like to.

Keep slaying queens!



  • nappymiminappymimi Registered Users Posts: 75
    If you're on instagram, just use the hashtag #glamnaturalfriday to show off your hair and get featured.

    For any of the rest mentioned above, just tell me what you would like e.g to share your hair story and we'll do it!

    Thank you!

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