Dry hair from hairspray


I wash my hair with shampoo with oil in and use conditioner and then John frieda hair serum, usually this gives me quite shiny and smooth hair.

As I'm a man I use mousse and heat defence before I blow dry my wavy/curly hair.

As my hair is fine I don't really use any other product and I use hairspray to hold in place.

A water wash doesn't really work the next day and my hair is frizzy and dry and curls at the ends. Looks a bit unruly and dull and dry.

Other than washing daily is there anything anyone can suggest please?



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    I'd cut out the serum, the mousse, the heat defense and the hair spray. The serum and the defense contain non-water soluble silicones that prevent water from getting into hair. Water is moisture, so they prevent necessary moisture from getting in, leaving hair dry and, ironically, more frizzy. (So then you use more silicones, creating more dryness, more frizziness, etc.)

    The mouse and the hair spray probably both contain alcohols which evaporate and take the water (moisture) from your hair with them as they do.

    Try this instead: Wash, condition, step out of the shower and put leave in conditioner and a lot of gel into soaking wet hair. I rake those through, then scrunch my hair to get out excess water, then gently scrunch with a t-shirt (not a towel, towels cause frizz).

    At this point, you can air dry or use a diffuser. Now, once it's dry, it will look noodly. That's okay, you want that, that prevents frizz. Just gently scrunch out those noodles, and voila! Frizz free curls.

    For gel, I'd really recommend the LA Looks Sports Gel. It's under $3 for a big container and it works great.
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    Welcome :) .

    John Frieda products tend to have lots of silicones(these have one and xane on end of ingredient) and mineral oil, for some reason. I would reccomend clarifying with a silicone-free shampoo.

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