How can I keep my Henna from fading?

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I've been using Harvest Moon Henna for a few years now to cover my gray roots. It worked wonderfully for a while apart from the fact that it faded rather quickly. Recently I've noticed that my gray hair wasn't absorbing the color. I have dark brown hair and the roots would come out greenish or sometimes reddish. I was using dark brown henna. I switched brands and began using Moroccon Method's henna but got similar results. I am now trying the two step method. I have the indigo sitting on my hair right now. I emailed Moroccon Method about the problem and they said that leave in conditioner and the application of oil to the hair will cause the henna to fade. I find this two step method quite tedious and I want to stretch out my time between applications to as long as possible but I don't know how my hair can survive without oils or leave in conditioner. Especially when henna can be so drying. Can anyone advise me about this?


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    Well, there's always a bit of fading from the time you first use henna, but that's normal. I would look into using a different brand, such as sold by a company called Tap Dancing Lizard (I am not affiliated with them, but I do use their henna). Their web site is Henna for Hair. I think they may have an 800 number as well.

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    The only method I've seen for fading/removing henna (that works, anyway) involves the copious use of oils, so the answer to your question is if you are going to use oils, you're going to get fading, if you want to prevent fading, you need to stop using oils. It's really up to you what's more important.
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    Some people use coconut milk in their mixes.... but that may have oil in it. However maybe there are other substances you can use, like fenugreek powder (fenugreek is very moisturizing) that won't interfere? Or you can always just do a DC treatment afterwards (maybe not the same day if that's too much, but within a few days after). I've always used Mehandi henna when henna'ing, and didn't have fading problems, but I didn't use conditioner in my mixes. In the past I used coconut milk in my mixes however, and didn't have a problem with the henna taking.

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    i've been using Lush henna for years and it hasn't let me down so far, it might be quite pricey but it also doesn't dry out your hair horribly
    so yeah, maybe try changing henna brands??

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