A year of CG was a nightmare, now what?

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I tried to be CG for over a year. I'm 3b, fine, with a tendency to dry out if I go a while without washing (even when misting with moisturizer). I tried everything, every combination of product, skimmed this group for suggestions and input, spent tons of money on suggested products ect. Now, my hair is limp and dry and doesn't respond to anything. I clarified, did protein treatments, ect. What am I missing?

For those of you who didn't respond well to CG, how did you get your hair to recover and what do you use?

I miss my hair looking like anything but an Halloween wig!

For me: CG=the devil!

Thanks in advance for any help! XO
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    What did you use to clarify with?

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    Did you do deep treatments with good conditioners?

    If you did and as you wrote, nothing seemed to work for you, how about washing your hair with a mild sulfate shampoo (Garnier Fructis) for example, and using a rich conditioner like Bumble and Bumble which contains silicones and simply accepting that your hair prefers silicones. Leave in a small amount of condish because your hair is dry. Then use whatever type of product seems to work best - mousse, curl cream or gel.

    I'm on the fence about cg. I know two women with beautiful curly hair and they both use silicones and wash with a sulfate shampoo. Maybe the cg method isn't the best for you? Different strokes for different folks!
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    Were you by chance using shea butter-rich products for your routine? Shea butter dries some people's hair out terribly.
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    Therese1 wrote: »
    Were you by chance using shea butter-rich products for your routine? Shea butter dries some people's hair out terribly.
    Same with coconut oil - it can leave some people's hair stiff feeling.
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    Did you do a deep conditioning treatment? CG or not, I find that doing a deep treatment, whether with irish moss or fenugreek or anything else with moisture really makes my curls pop.
    Many of us modify the CG method to suit our hair's needs. You may be someone that needs to do that.
    Also, what is your normal routine and what products have you tried? Without knowing that we may be in the dark about offering you advice.

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    I found I couldn't co-wash as I got over conditioned so always use a shampoo, usually sulphate free but sometimes I use one with sulphates (I have a dodgy scalp and grey hair so use sulphate poo to deal with these). I continue to use conditioners without silicones but will use them in stylers, and I don't use gel, can't get it to work for me so I use mousse. I always use a leave-in as I find it helps me with moisture levels.
    I always keep the idea of cg in the back of my mind but it really never worked for me.
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    I was pretty strict about not using silicones or sulfates for almost 3 years. And I tried only cowashing, but my hair is fine, 3b with some 3a, and not very dense, and it couldn't handle only cowashing, I HAD to low poo. Just over the past 6 months or so, I've been more relaxed about using silicones, and have even been using sulfates AND silicones and my hair still looks good. I say if one thing isn't working for you, try a different thing, until you get it figured out, no need to force anything, or feel bad for using a certain product/ ingredient.
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    I spent about four years and a huge amount of money trying - and failing - at CG. Apart from the occasional very good day my hair mostly looked much, much worse for all my experimenting.

    My hair is very, very fine and the wave/curl is very haphazard - making it curlier (which CG did) just accentuated the oddness of its growth pattern and the combination of hard water, low poo and styling products made it dull, sticky and even more frizzy/fluffy than it was before I started.

    I gave up on styling products for every day use (kept Pink Boots Curl Cream and KY gel for parties or days out when I really needed extra hold)

    I went back to a mild sulphate shampoo and Aussie Three Minute Miracle conditioner - the only one in all my experimenting which smooths my fluffy bits without weighing my waves down.

    And I also went back to smoothing my dry hair with the carbon paddle brush I'd used before trying Denmans/Tangle Teezers/Wet Brushes etc.

    My hair is less curly but it looks, and feels, massively better than it ever did when I was trying CG. And now I'm not chasing the curl any more I'm getting comments like ' your hair looks comfortable' and 'it looks as if you've finally accepted your hair'. So I think it does look better to other people too.

    At least I now know that what I was doing pre-CG was about the best I can do for my hair and I have to accept that I'm stuck with a wavy, curly, straight mix that can't be changed.

    I had fun experimenting though - and I can now read ingredients labels and tell all my friends whether a shampoo/conditioner will work for them!

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