How to stop my hair from going limp/straightening out when dry?

I just started CG again a few days ago, after a few years of hair dye, heat, silicone, and shampooing has made it dry stick straight. When I last did CG, my hair went from 2a to 2c/3b and it still looks like it can get back to that because it's 2b/c when wet (stays that way until dry without any hold products) and when I shed strands in the shower, they're usually 3a spirals. Well, at least that's what's been happening after a few days of CG. The thing is, they lose ALL of their spring when dry. They don't actually straighten out, they just get really stretched out, so it's a weird look because it's like 2a hair but you can see that my waves are actually a lot tighter than that, but they lose their spring/bounce when dry so I get fairly tight but really droopy spirals and waves. Also, my hair isn't fine at all and stringiness and weight aren't issues at all, it's just that I lose the bounce in my curl pattern, if that makes sense. It's almost kinda like a crimped look. I'm still too new to be able to attach pics but hopefully that description is sufficient.

My hair is a lot longer than it was the first time I tried CG (almost waist length as opposed to APL) and it's also all one length. I don't really want to lose much overall length but do you think some layers or a devacut might help? Also, would protein help? I don't think my hair likes a lot of protein but then again, maybe it can handle it with all the moisture from doing CG again. I know it'll probably get a good curl pattern going again soon, but this in between phase is so annoying!
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    Layers would definitely help. Getting a Devacut really helped me a lot, and she cut off almost no hair at all! It was the weirdest thing, I was almost mad that I was paying for so little to be done, but I had so much more curl and a much better shape.

    I would definitely add protein to your routine, it's important to maintain the moisture/protein balance.

    A lot of it is just time, though. Almost 4 months in, I'm still regaining curl a little bit at a time. It is hella frustrating, though.

    ETA: Take pictures. It really helps me to look back on pictures taken the first week, month, etc. to see how far I've come.
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