Good hair stylist in Las Vegas for my curls...anyone know?

marleenymarleeny Posts: 10Registered Users
I'm a local in Las Vegas and am unable to find anyone that has real experience with curls (or at least curls like mine)...all the hairstylist I've gone to would give me the impression that they were experienced with cutting curly hair, but when the time comes, they actually do several things that are not really curly friendly. I want to finally have my hair treated by someone that knows the difference between cutting and styling curly hair from straight hair. I usually will go home and take care of the uneveness left at the ends of my curls and I know I shouldn't have to do that really, had the stylist known what they were doing with my hair. I never straighten my hair by the way...I like to stick to the way my hair naturally is, as crazy as it is. Lol

So if anyone knows who I can go to in vegas for my every now and then hair trimming and styling, please help me and my curly head out. Thank you!!!

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