What type of curly hair do I have?

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Here are the pictures - Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

I just started curly girl method after getting a hair test done. After a lifetime of fighting to get straight hair but only ending up with a giant floof of frizz, I learned that I have very coarse and low porosity hair. It's also very dry and as you can see not very much of it. I used to have 3x as much but I think over the years, it has fallen out due to dryness. I've washed using the curly girl method twice now, the last time being yesterday. I used products that are too heavy for hair but good moisturizers, so it's not dry but rather coated right now. So i'll be looking for other lighter products.


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    That is hair that wants to be 3B, but needs some time to recover from not being treated right. Moisturizing, the right products and the right haircut would help, along with time. (Not necessarily saying cut it shorter, but layers help bring out the curl.)

    I know what you mean about trying everything to get straight hair, but just ending up with puffy frizz. I had no idea I even had curls, I just thought I had bad hair.
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    Oh nuts. I was projecting maybe a 2b or 2c. How can you tell it's trying to be 3b?

    Also, I hope I don't sound too ignorant: I googled 3b hair and it seems it is mostly african american hair. I don't have any african american in me (all south asian), so what should I expect my hair to look like when it's "healthy" and not dry?

    And that's exactly what I've considered my hair as well - bad, rough hair that never does anything I want. I'm also surrounded by silky fine straight hair types so I really did think something was wrong with my hair. The funny thing is I like curls too, but was convinced that my hair is actually straight. So convinced that I even got a curly perm over a decade ago. And if I'm actually a 3b, the perm was for a 2c lollll.

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