Aunt Jackie's Flaxseed Line

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I'm really liking the Aunt Jackie's Flaxseed Cowash. I can actually detangle with it. Normally I use regular conditioner mid week to refresh my hair and not really to get it clean. This is the first product marketed as a cowash that I've like and that gets my hair reasonably clean. I can't use it two weeks in a row though. I have to shampoo. But now I'm shampooing every other week instead of every week.

Also liking the Aunt Jackie's Flaxseed Gel. I was a green Ecostyler user after they stopped putting pvp in the olive oil one. But over time it makes my hair dry. I like this flaxseed gel when I don't feel like making fsg. I alternate between the two. It doesn't dry super hard in my hair maybe because I use li and oil under it.

Oh, I did try the Quench Leave in because I got some free at a hair show. Didn't particularly care for it. But then my hair doesn't like any leavein that's not tresemme naturals or mixed with TN so I'm very screwed when I run out.
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