Do you Wash and Restyle your hair after a salon visit?

curlquestercurlquester Posts: 2Registered Users
As any curly girl knows finding a good hair dresser is like gold dust. For me its did feel like a quest to find that hairdresser who could cut and style my curly hair. I now have to colour my hair every six weeks and even though I have found a good curly girl stylist they are based two hours away from where I live. So when I want to colour my hair I have to go to a local hairdressers who has little or no training to handle curly hair. Each month I end up leaving the salon knowing I am going to have to rewash and style my hair when I get home. How many of you guys after a salon visit still have to wash and restyle your hair when you get home? Or is that just me?


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    I'm in a similar situation. My Deva stylist is fantastic but popular (hard to get appointments) and farther away (inconvenient drive), so I go to her only for cuts. For color I often go to a former student in town who is a sweetheart but, despite having curly hair herself, always tries to get me to let her straighten mine - and uses products full of 'cones regardless. She's horrified when I suggest I leave with naked hair - I suppose it might reflect poorly on her if someone left all drippy or unrefined - but no matter what I end up (re-)styling it myself after I get home.
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    same thing here -- when i did color my hair (not since 2009) i had a local stylist. i would leave with wet hair, and rewash it myself as i felt they never got out all the color, then do a deep conditioning. i know that is not what you are supposed to do with color, but....

    my haircutting stylist is not close by, traffic can be a pain, so in the past 2 yrs i've been leaving with just the cut, and since it is a dry cut, i don't bother with the wash, rather leave earlier and less traffic. then i wash and style when i get home. (now only getting it cut 2x/yr, so not a big deal).

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    I do the same, as I get my hair cut and colored by two different people. My colorist is amazing, but she definitely doesn't know how to style curly hair. I usually co-wash when I get home, and re-style to my liking.
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    I used to, and I still do sometimes, like the time I let my stylist straighten my hair and it felt like dead seaweed on my scalp. But ordinarily, not anymore, thanks to a good stylist (the straightening was a one time aberration).
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    I also wash and restyle when I get home. My stylist is a regular one (not specially for curly hair), and although she knows I don't like silicones, she sometimes forgets and uses silicone products anyway. Also, since she does a wet cut, all the curl has been taken out of my hair by the end of the cut. I usually just bring a ponytail elastic and tie my hair back if I have errands to do before I can get home and fix things.
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  • curlquestercurlquester Posts: 2Registered Users
    I am glad I am not the only one! Do you wonder why there is such little interest in learning about providing a better service for us curly girls?
    I am sure this question has been asked so many times before.
    Attached is a picture of how I feel at the mere thought of going to the local salon and usually what it looks like when I leave. Now its not that big hair is bad or that frizz is bad. Its just the look on Monica's face sums up how I feel!
  • curlyamarylliscurlyamaryllis Posts: 338Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I actually liked the way my hair was styled (my new hairstylist is Deva trained), but I HATED the smell of the products she used. I have some issues with some artificial fragrances, though, so that's not anyone's fault.
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    Yes, it always feels so dirty and crunchy after they do it. I usually tell them not to, because I don't even style it myself. I just wash and go, for real. I'm not into the prods too much. So yah, totally get where you're coming from.
  • MsSofteeMsSoftee Posts: 27Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I'm done with trying to find a stylist, waiting to get in, fixing my hair afterward, and dreading the next appointment. You know the thing that always ticked me off - when the stylist puts their fingers all up in your hair and fluffs and pulls it before even knowing what all you want. Happened all the time.

    I have to travel at least an hour one way to get to anyone, and even though all the people I've been to in the last 2-3 years have been specifically trained and claim to love working with curlies, all but one sprayed me down before the cut. Nope. Not going back. The last does dry cuts if the client doesn't need conditioning (reasonable), but they (and all of the others) pull out all my curls before cutting. What the...? I'm mad at myself for only recently realizing the effects of this mistake. Yeah, I can make a bell or triangle shaped head if I pull out enough curls, but they have to be put back and dry before you cut! I'm getting a little mad thinking about it again.

    So, I have started to cut my own hair. That, and a "screw it" attitude has eliminated most of any lingering hair "anxiety". I know I could communicate with stylists at any point, but all things considered (cost, distance, potential communication breakdown) I'll go it alone for now.
  • SavagegirlSavagegirl Posts: 379Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I hate what the deva people put in my hair! There is zero consideration for the fact that it is fine and low porosity. All they care about is curl paytern and they ignore the rest (or likely dont know about hair properties)

    I just get the cut and go home!
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