Very soft, 3b mixed hair - WONT CURL. OC?

Hiya everyone! :)

My hair is very very soft in texture, it loses curl easily so I have to do a lot to make sure the curls stay well defined throughout the drying process.

But looking back at pictures for 2 years ago, my hair is so much more wavy now. Not even ringlets!

I've just done a big chop for BSL to just above my shoulders (both when straight) and the same is happening so I know it's not heat damage, also havent' dyed my hair for 5 years.

Is my hair too over conditioned? If so, I am worried to start using coconut oil again as a PT because I only realised about 6 months ago using it daily was breaking my hair off and I learned people use it for a PT.

I find it so hard to get the balance right because moisture, elasticity and protein and brittleness!

Any tips and products would be sosososososoososos helpful!!!
Also I am from the UK, we don't have many products over here for curly hair but we do have some shea moisture!

Thanks for any help, sorry it is long!

Sydelle :icescream:


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    Coconut oil can make the hair brittle. It is not really a PT. Yes, would stay away from using it all the time. IA Girl's Protein treatment (gelatin and water) is quite effective as a treatment. Protein should help with droopiness of curls, and make them stronger. My latest thing that I love, both as a DT and as a styler, is irish moss. It's brilliant for getting the balance between moisture and strength. I too have delicate curls but find that with using irish moss regularly as my styler my curl is stronger even when my hair is soaking wet (water normally straightens it).

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    You can consider clarifying first if you are currently CG and see how your hair responds. Maybe you have some buildup.

    Regarding protein you can use something light to start with, something commercial, not necessarily coconut oil if it doesn't agree with your hair. I don't think it has protein but for some people it acts like protein, so I'm not sure if it would benefit you anyway. Or you can use a very dilute DIY gelatin treatment.
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