Frizzy, waterproof mess! Help!

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Hi everyone, some advice would be much appreciated please.

I had my hair recoloured a few weeks ago. I’m naturally mid-dark brown and I had some highlights put through. Since having it coloured my hair is a tatty, frizzy mess. It feels like having it coloured has completely waterproofed it! I can stand under the shower for ten minutes and water will be dripped from the ends, but the rest of my hair doesn’t even feel wet and it gets horribly matted under the water.

I was getting along quite well with some of the Cantu products before colouring and using a mix of their Naturals range conditioners and styling products (either the masque or leave-in with the curl creme, cream gel activator or creamy hair lotion), but now these are just sitting on my hair and leaving it feeling dry and full of build-up.

I thought that maybe some protein would be a good idea and used a couple of conditioning and styling products containing it, but that just seems to make it worse. They make my hair sticky and like straw.

I’ve also tried the Dr Organics Restorative Argan Oil deep conditioner which I usually have quite good results with, but the minute I rinse it off my hair, it’s back to feeling dry and matted.

I don’t know what to do next. I’ve been wearing my hair in a bun, which I hate as I don’t suit it all off my face and the pins digging in my head give me migraine. I can’t put it in a pony as one side of my hair has always been thicker than the other so it always looks uneven. I’m terrible at styling so tend just to leave my hair down and just twist two small sections back and pin them.

I start a new job in a Catholic girls school soon and they have quite a strict dress code so I can’t turn up with my hair looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards! I almost resorted to getting it blow dried straight last week and I haven’t done that in more than five years!

I feel as though I need to start again from the beginning, get rid of any products that are already in my hair and start with some new ones that will help nurse my coloured hair back to normal, but I’m not sure how to ‘reset’ my hair and go back to square one.

When I’ve done this, I was thinking of investing in some Jane Carter products, but any other ideas would be very welcome. I think my hair is a 3b and I have no idea about porosity now since I had it coloured. It used to drink up conditioner and product, but these days, it just sits on the outside. I generally need something that weighs the hair down a little, but that won’t build up too much.

Thanks in advance. x


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    Have you tried clarifying? That sounds kinda like what happened to me when I accidentally used a deep conditioner with a silicone in it. My hair was a sticky, frizzy, nasty mess. I had to clarify twice to get it all out and then I had to deep condition twice and do a hot oil treatment to get my hair back the way it was before.

    So if you haven't tried that, get a seriously clarifying sulfate shampoo, wash with it (may take a few tries) and then moisturize a lot.
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    I agree that clarifying is probably a good place to start. The stylist might have used some silicone products in your hair when you were at the salon, so I would use a sulfate poo just to make sure that everything is off your hair. If your hair is still dry and matted and feeling brittle, you could try putting some oil on your *dry* hair (coconut oil, olive oil, and argan oil are some possibilities) and let it soak in for several hours. That should help the hair become more elastic. You then wash your hair as usual to get rid of the excess oil.

    You could also try deep conditioning with heat with your regular conditioner. Applying heat should help the hair "open up" to accept more of the conditioner.
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    Thanks for the replies. I’ve had trouble with my laptop so haven’t been able to reply till today.

    I've done a couple of washes with Aussie Miracle Moist and Tried one of those Hask protein treatments, which made it feel a little better while it was on my hair, but it was still weird and dry feeling even when soaking wet after I rinsed it. I followed that up with the Morrocan Oil Restorative Treatment, which again, felt good when it was on my hair, but back to feeling weird when I rinsed it off.

    I’ve gone back to an old combo I used to have some success with – Dr Organics Honey Conditioner as a leave-in and the OGX Morrocan Oil Curl Cream. i also tried some of the new ORS Monoi oil in between the two as a sealant. It still looks and feels awful though. The underneath hair seems to have lost its curl altogether and the top, although it feels super soft, looks all frizzy and like candy floss (sorry, cotton candy!). It won’t clump properly and there’s no definition. Not sure which way to go next. I’m very tempted to go straight and I haven’t done that in over five years! :wacko:

    By the way, I'm new to this so if I've pressed the report icon instead of the reply one please ignore me! Many thanks again for the replies. X
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    I think the suggestion is very nice i would like to try it...:icescream:
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    This happened to me when I used too many products in my hair... If nothing helps to restore your natural curl (maybe coconut oil masks???), i'd suggest to go through the keratin treatment to make sure your hair looks presentable when you start your new job, if it's really this important. Good luck!

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