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Hey guys :)I need help understanding hair serums. I have type 4 hair. I have different type 4 textures throughout my hair so saying type 4 is easier. I live in Australia therefore I do not have access to most products that are reviewed/used by popular natural hair vloggers. I DO have access to garnier/organix/tresemme and just the basic products you'd find at supermarkets. I do NOT have access to Shea moisture products, Carols daughter or any brands that are based in America. I wont go out of my way to pay postage to purchase them either, I'd prefer using easily available inexpensive products. I'd like to know if anybody uses serums from the aforementioned popular generic brands and what you've used them for? I'm not bothered about what texture you have; texture isn't important to me, products and techniques are, Thank you.


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    I have tried two serums because they were silicone free. One you probably can't get which is Jane Carter and the other was by Loreal Eversleek. It's was on clearance so I have a full bottle and a bottle that would be nearly full if I hadn't spilled it. There are other factor than hair typing. I'm mostly 4 and some 3 but my strands are fine. For me the Loreal was just too heavy and my hair felt coated. You may not have that issue.I don't use flat irons but I was trying to use this for rollersets or rather body wraps but I don't do that anymore.
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    A lot of people use grocery store/drug store products and get good results. It's really just a matter of reading labels carefully and trying products until you find what works for you.

    Tresseme, Garnier, etc. are pretty popular as cleansers and conditioners, so just read the labels and pick something that is silicone and sulfate free and see how it works.

    For styling, there seem to be 2 basic methods that work for people, a leave in conditioner under a gel and LCO/LOC, (L= leave in conditioner, O= oil, C= cream). You can get all these things at the store, it's just a matter of reading labels. The oil doesn't have to be specifically for hair. Olive and coconut oils are cooking oils, jojoba oil can be found in skincare, etc. If you have an health food type stores, definitely check those out.

    You can also make a lot of your own products. I make my own protein treatment out of unflavored gelatin, olive oil, water and vinegar. You can make a deep conditioner by adding olive oil to your regular conditioner. You can make your own styling gel with flax seeds.
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