Hair type catastrophe

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Ok, so it's very obvious I have type 3 hair, but it's also obvious my hair is a bit...well let's just say it can't make up its mind very much. Lol because it's also type 2???
I'm just starting out on my journey to health hair, and was hoping to get some opinions and help. ^^

To start off with, I was born with 3b hair, all over, without a doubt.
My hair now, of course as expected, has changed but I personally think my biggest issue is my hair is in really bad shape, causing it to refuse to curl.
It's really dry most of the time, dead, can't keep split ends away for the life of me...
I currently use Garnier whole blends, coconut milk formula, as its really the only one that works really well on my hair.
I started only combing with a wide tooth comb when conditioner is a applied and I've noticed much less hair loss and better curl. No brushing dry hair, it's a disaster as in sure you can all imagine. lol plus TONS of hair loss, since my hair pretty much instantly tangles...
I am starting to deep condition as well, and started Shea moisture curly hair smoothie stuff, which is great! (My BF uses it for his curls too lol)

I also started using a cotton shirt to plop dry, and pineapple at night.

I was hoping for a critique of what I'm doing, and if you think if I continue to do so, will my hair start to naturally curl again? My hopes aren't too high but I've seen some pretty incredible before and afters! Lol I can't help but be a bit hopeful.

So anyway, that's what I had to say and ask, in hopes others out there went through it too but came out with better hair in the long run. ^^

One last thing - would you agree that my hair is 2b and 3b? Or do you think it's just damaged and I can work it back to 3a and 3b? My hair is so wacky I don't even know what to think! Lol I certainly think I see lots of 3b, just unsure about the rest.


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    It's damaged. But so is mine, so you're in good company, lol.

    Type is less important than porosity, texture and density. I've recovered to a 3A (my roots are probably 3B), but my hair is fine, thin and porous, so I get a lot of my routine from fine, thin, porous 4s, and it's helped my hair a lot.

    Are you Deep conditioning? Protein treatments?

    Also, I got much better results after a devacut, and the stylist got me putting products on soaking wet hair, which really helped.

    Don't despair. My hair had no curl at first. None. Just frizz. It will get better.
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    3a, fine, thin, normal porosity, no dye, greying naturally
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