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Hi! I've tried CG on and off for a few years. I got my hair cut recently and thought I'd try again now that I don't have so much length dragging my 2a/2b waves down.

My current routine:

In shower: low-poo and rinse out
Post-shower (soaking wet hair): rake and scrunch in leave-in and gel
After getting dressed: pixie diffuse upside down to 80%, clip roots and cowlick, and let air dry for 90 minutes before SOTC

I have a couple of questions.

1) Sometimes, despite using the same routine and product amounts, I don't get a gel cast even after waiting for my hair to be completely dry. As a result, my waves don't last as long. Is it a weather or humidity issue maybe? I live in the midwest of the US.

2) I work from home most days so I sometimes don't want to go through all the products and routine if I don't have to look particularly nice that day. But if I want to encourage my hair to get wavier, should I do it all anyway? Is there a point in my routine where I could stop but still have hope for more/better waves in the future?

Thank you!


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    If your gel has a humectant high in the ingredient list, that can cause issues in high humidity.

    As to your second question, what really encourages curl is health- not brushing dry hair, protecting from damage and maintaining the protein-moisture balance. You don't have to full on style every day if you don't want to.
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    Thanks for the response! I use LA Looks Sport. Would that cause humidity issues?
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    i remember la sport as having glycerin high on the list and it did dry out my hair.
    (there are some products with glycerin high on the list but due to the particular formulation with other ingredients they actually perform well in any dew, cj cccc and cj honey butta.)

    on the days you work from home and aren't so particular about your hair, you could use extra conditioning leave in, or more of your leave in, and no gel.

    i don't know what products you use, so i can't comment further, except to say have you tried a protein treatment? when i've not done one in a bit and my hair is not it's super best, i realize it needs protein and that always brings it back for my hair. everyone's hair is different so you have to figure out what your hair likes. do you know your hair properties?

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