Trimming own hair! Please reply!

Okay, so I have heat damage and severe split ends. I chopped some off already but not all of it. So here are my questions:
1) if you can see through your hair, that is the split ends part??
2) if I twist my hair and the twist undos or looks frizzy as I go down the twist, is that a split end??

Please reply soon, as I am trimming not, possibly overtrimming???


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    When you twirl your hair, the little hairs that stick out are NOT split ends :). Those are just shorter hairs. Split ends is when you look at the tip of ONE single strand of hair, and its literally split. Or sometimes it's almost going to split, and so the tip of it is sort of whitish, dry and frazzled looking. HTH

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    What curlyannie80 said.

    Frizzy ends might be just dry and in need of moisture. Try to moisturize and seal them with a little bit of oil, and see how they act.

    I'm not sure what see through hair is but could it be hair with low density?

    Here are examples of what split ends look like:



    Also have a look at this blog post with images about split ends THE NATURAL HAVEN: Trimming hair: Split ends- Can't see 'em?
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