Extreme Halo Frizz... Please Help!

Sherry.WilkeSherry.Wilke Registered Users Posts: 11
Hi Girls (and guys!)

I need help with my mane, as I call it. I have 2b/2c hair, course and I'm not entirely sure of the porosity yet. I am an all natural haircare girl so I'm not interested in conventional products.

Currently my hair is very frizzy, as well I have a very itchy scalp (which Doc says is Serborric Dermatitis, but I'm not sure I agree). My routine is:

Precondition hair only with coconut oil (not scalp as I'm trying to get rid of itchy scalp) before shampooing
Wash with Curelle shampoo 1-2x/week

Aqua/Purified Water; Decyl Polyglucose*; Sodium Coco Oat Amino Acids*; Sucrose Cocoate*; Hydrolysed Oats/Avena Sativa; Xanthan Gum; Panthenol; Lonicera Japonica; Citric Acid. *cleansing agents from coconut, corn, coco and oat (no GMO).

Rinse and condition.

Aqua/Distilled Water; Behentrimonium Methosulphate** (from Colza oil); Hydrolysed Oats/Avena Sativa; Cetearyl Alcohol (non-drying); Lonicera Japonica.

Leave in for a few mins while I wet comb,
Then FSG on wet hair, and plop.

My hair is immediately frizzy when it's wet, which could just be my hair type. Sometimes I do an aloe/green tea hair mask, and the next day it looks great (still some frizz), but then day 2 I have halo frizz that's a good inch, inch.5 off my hair!

Type 2b/2c
Low porosity

Jojoba/coconut oil prepoo
Curelle Hydra Shampoo
Cruelle Riche Conditioner
Jojoba/coconut oil treatments
Aloe/green tea treatments
Egg and olive oil treatments

Naturalista, no chemicals! No heat!


  • SavagegirlSavagegirl Registered Users Posts: 383 Curl Connoisseur
    Hi there, have you tried making your own flax seed gel as a hold? I have seen several naturals using this with success.
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  • curlisue1curlisue1 Registered Users Posts: 494 Curl Novice
    When my hair gets like that, It's usually because of coconut oil and/or protein overload. Since the aloe treatment makes your hair look better then it may mean that you need more moisture and less protein.

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  • curlyamarylliscurlyamaryllis Registered Users Posts: 338 Curl Connoisseur
    Frizzy when wet like that usually means some kind of buildup, whether it be protein, moisture or product. I'd clarify with a clarifying shampoo and see where you're at. If that doesn't help, try a deep conditioning treatment.

    Do you use any stylers or leave in conditioner? I'd be a ball o' frizz without leave in conditioner and gel. You can make your own with flax seed or find tons of great choices at the curlmart attached to this site (click PRODUCTS along the top). (You may not wish to buy online or at this particular store, but curlmart allows you to search by things like "no humectants" and has all the ingredients listed, so I like to search here at least.)
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  • Therese1Therese1 Registered Users Posts: 2,563 Curl Virtuoso
    It looks to me like you are putting a lot of protein on your hair, and that could be why it is frizzy. My hair reacts like that when I get too much protein. Or it could be that your hair doesn't like oat protein; sometimes hair can be picky that way. For instance, every time I use quinoa protein, my hair frizzes badly.

    I would look for a non-protein-containing shampoo and conditioner and see if that helps you at all. I would also experiment with using a different oil for preshampooing, since coconut oil helps hair retain protein, if I remember right. (There is some relationship between coconut oil and protein, though I can't remember exactly what it is.)
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  • Sherry.WilkeSherry.Wilke Registered Users Posts: 11
    Do the shampoo and conditioner contain protein?? I guess I'm really confused now because I just did an egg mask yesterday (with olive oil), then shampooed and conditioned and left in conditioner, and my curls are clumped much more. So that would confused the protein overload guess wouldn't it? However, my hair is of course, still frizzy and still frizzy when wet.

    I had comments a while back about frizzy when wet being build-up. I did the whole clarifying thing then as advised, and it continued to be frizzy when wet. I really don't think I have build-up... Also, when I do clarify my hair is WORSE! It's so dry! Honestly, my hair just always feels dry.

    Could this be an inside issue?

    The build up remover I have used after trying the KKKC is called Curelle build up remover:

    Water/Agua/Eau, Xanthan Gum, Inososital, Magnesium Salicylate

    My hair is incredibly soft after this treatment, however, is extra dry and tangled after washing when I'm wet combing with conditioner in.

    Lastly I have been making a flax seed gel, however it seems pretty weak. I'll need to make one with more hold. Does more hold = more water held in?

    Thanks so much for all the feedback!!
    Type 2b/2c
    Low porosity

    Jojoba/coconut oil prepoo
    Curelle Hydra Shampoo
    Cruelle Riche Conditioner
    Jojoba/coconut oil treatments
    Aloe/green tea treatments
    Egg and olive oil treatments

    Naturalista, no chemicals! No heat!

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