bad salon experience - how to handle it gracefully?

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Hi all, I had a strange experience last time I had a keratin treatment and cut and I would really appreciate if any stylists could share their take on it. I really like the ladies who cut my hair and I liked my previous keratin treatments (both lasted 5 months). This time a different person did the keratin and she was very rough with me - she insulted my hair a few times (it's very frizzy, after all, and I've tried hard to be comfortable with that - I don't need the insults, thanks) and worse she handled my hair and head in ways that hurt. When brushing and using the straightening iron she pulled so hard my head got pulled to my shoulder, brushing straight through any resistance from knots, kinks, etc, ripping hair out. She hit my head with the blow dryer repeatedly, once so hard on the top of my head than I shouted, came close to passing out, and sternly asked her to be more careful. She hit my head a few more times, as if she didn't feel what she was doing. I have had a serious head injury in my past and never considered this would be a problem when getting my hair done (it never has!) but I felt dizzy & unwell for the rest of the session and day, had to ask a friend to drive me home and had to miss work for 2 days because of the nausea & delirium. She also used some incorrect technique on my hair (using the iron against the grain of the hair, and briskly rubbing back and forth), which might be what caused the treatment to not take completely.
When I went to pay I found the total to be less than I expected so I double checked with the receptionist, who assured me it was correct - she didn't know why it was lower than last time. The next day I received a call from the salon's manager asking for $175 more, as the stylist had given the front desk the wrong total. I very politely told the manager about my experience (it wasn't her fault, after all) and she offered me a free styling (worth $40) which I likely won't ever take them up on since I never have the time nor the occasion. I told her I'd call back to pay the balance.
There aren't many salons in the rural area where I live and I really liked the other stylists. I'm inclined to ask them to just write off the remaining $175 as a discount for all the trouble I experienced and the treatment not even taking. After all, I'd be going back immediately for another $75 cut and $400 keratin. Is this a fair request on my part, or should I just pay the balance whether or not I liked the service? They have month-long waiting lists for appointments, a beautiful setting, the owner drives a Tesla, and their employees get full benefits, 9 months of maternity leave (very generous for the US) and ample vacation (the entire salon shuts down for a week a few times a year so everyone can take holidays) so they aren't a small struggling business. If I do end up paying the balance I will be less likely to go back since it feels bad to spend so much money for a service and for them to be unconcerned if it isn't done properly.
Thanks so much in advance and sorry it's so long!


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    In all trustworthiness, I would have gone to a director and/or declined to pay and/or stood up and left his seat and demonstrated shrivel the supervisor or another beautician the "flawless" haircut he gave you.
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    Yeah, blows to the head are not okay. You shouldn't have paid for the treatment, you should get it redone for free and they should have apologized.

    I would speak to the owner, ASAP, tell them what you told us and be firm that no part of the service was up to the standards you have previously experienced.
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    oh heeeeellll no, I would not pay that balance, oh no no no. You're too nice, you should have said something immediately. or slapped that dryer out of their sho! Definitely, you don't owe them a thing.

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