Cowashing is changing my hair!

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In the last couple months, when I discovered I didn't have the thick 1c hair I'd thought, I've been changing my washing and styling routine. I figured I was 2b. The biggest change I've made is cowashing. It's made a remarkable difference in my hair.

I've begun noticing these sorts of curls, specifically towards the bottom front of my hair. This is what happens when I do nothing to it, no plopping or scrunching or anything. What do you guys think? Is this 2c?



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    You're certainly getting more curl. The longer people are CG the tighter their curls get usually. It looks like you have the beginnings of 2C bits and as you go on you may end up becoming 2C. If you scrunch, what happens? People usually judge curl type by the finished product, not their bare hair...

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    You're definitely getting a lot more curl! It still looks 2b to me right now but with potential for 2c for sure, looks awesome regardless though :)

    I'm kind of in the same boat, except I knew my hair had 2c/3a potential because it was very wavy before I got into heat styling and coloring, and 3a at times when I tried CG in the past.

    This time I started with barely even 1c hair and 5 days later I'm already back to 2b, it's incredible what a difference co-washing makes!
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