how to keep hair moisturized after wash day

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Hey ladies! i have low porosity 2c/3a hair type, i cant figure out how to keep my hair moisturized after i wash and stlye my hair, like the following day when i take my twist out. my hair only usually last a day. pineapples dont work for me at all. when i re-twist my hair it doesnt come out defined as i would like and its super frizzy which i hate the most, even if i use products that reduces frizz. so it just ends up in a bun are pony tail until wash day. Do anyone have any tips? i really need some help.


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    hey, welcome!! :) .

    if you list what products currently using, i may be able to help since am low porosity as well
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    The quality of water is as important as any products used. Make sure your shower water is free from dust, heavy metals and Chlorine.

    Best of Luck.
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    We'd need more info on what you are currently doing. Do you use the LOC method? You can usually get 3 days out of the moisture from it.


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