I'm a neewb but been lurking for a few weeks...

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Hi curlies!

I've been lurking for a few weeks now, decided to finally make an account! There is so much useful info in these forums, so thank you!!

I just started my hair journey a few weeks ago. I think my hairtype is 3a with some 3b mixed in. Med-High density and low porosity.

When I was a child, I had very tight curly hair (probably 3b with c at the nape) and since I was about 12 I've colored my hair (35 now). I started out on box color binge, blonde mostly, the brassiest most awful ever! lol. Then in my 20's i embraced my level 6 and had caramel high lights, everything from balayage to ombre etc.

Ever since the chi iron came out, I was hooked. I didn't know how to look after my curls. I blow fried and squeezed all the life out of my curls. For the last 7 years I thought my hair just turned to waves but I realize that I lost the pattern due to using the wrong products and getting color (even though professional).

I just got a haircut. My hair was down to my bra strap and was being weighed down. It was coated with so much gunk. Finally its starting to feel fluffy and light again. I think my hair is low porosity but that could just be the gunk. I'll test it again in a month or so.

I really want a devacut but there isn't anyone anywhere near me. My haircut isn't terrible but my top layer doesn't clump like it did before this cut, it kind of sits in a chunk. Its just below my shoulders and very layered but the top is kind of tragic and looks more 2c now. Trying to grow out the balayage. I'm still going to have to get base color because I have greys and I'm not ready!! lol Any recommendations for a natural level 6 color that doesn't have ammonia or peroxide would be much-appreciated.

I'm using No Poo, One condition, Supercream and Ultra defining gel (I just got Kccc so I'll let ya'll know how that goes).
I've noticed a huge difference already.

Thanks for teaching me patience! I see little improvements after each wash/styling.. I just can't wait to see what my curls are really supposed to look like.

I don't know why the heck I ever wanted straight hair, to be honest I look like a total weirdo with flat hair... LESSONS! lol

I love seeing everyone's progress and tips!

Type: 3a | NP | med-fine but high den | bob
NP: Deva NP, DC low poo, ACV rinses
RO: Deva 1 Cond orig or decadence
LI: 1 Cond, B'leavin
Styler: Deva SPC or reg SC
Gels: DC LDG, Bouncecurl
Refresh: water w Lavender oil.
Scalp: Lav/jojoba/rosem/pep oils.
Airdry, wait 30 mins before diffusing.
Loves a little protein in stylers! Hates heavy stuff.


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    Hi! You will see more improvements, I promise. It'll seem like nothing's changed in forever and then you'll notice new curls or bounce or your hair got shorter overnight.

    Have you looked at salons on this site? I didn't go to an actual Deva salon, but I did find a stylist trained in technique. There are also videos on doing it yourself if you're brave.
    CG since May 1, 2016
    3a, fine, thin, normal porosity, no dye, greying naturally
    Devacurl Weightless Waves Low Poo & Conditioner, B'Leave-in and Ultra Defining Gel
    Curl Junkie Spiral Lotion in low humidity
    Ouidad Advanced Heat & Humidity Gel mixed with UDG for high humidity
    at home gelatin PT
    Hask Argan Oil Deep Conditioner

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