Sun and Sea Damage

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Hello everyone,
I'm new to the naturally curly community and I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions on how to restore the health of my hair. I recently moved close to the sea and my hair is exposed to salty air and sun a lot. This winter I did a lot of camping. I went swimming and sometimes didn't wash the salt out and I spent a great deal of time in the sun. I know it sounds really stupid but somehow I didn't think this would really affect my hair. My hair has always been pretty low maintenance. I basically just co-wash, air dry and that's it. Between washes I used coconut oil as a daily moisturizer. Over this past winter I used shea butter because I could feel that the texture of my hair was dryer and it seemed to make it feel softer. This past winter because of my lifestyle I rarely washed my hair. I applied dark brown henna to cover my gray roots about once a month and used shea butter as a daily moisturizer. The henna would fade within a few days of application so something about my hair had changed. When I returned home, my hair was really dried out and subsequent henna treatments would not work. I abandoned the shea butter after reading that it only coats the hair. I've tried argan, carrot and jojoba oils, but they don't really do much. I finally gave in and bought a supermarket conditioner by Garnier. It worked really well, but as I don't like the idea of using anything unnatural I don't want to continue with it. I made a conditioner with the conditioner that I am using from the health food store, honey and banana with a heating cap and this also worked really well. It gave me shine and very defined curl, trouble is my hair still felt stiffish and somewhat straw-like. I made another conditioner with coconut milk, honey and conditioner from the health food store. This made my hair dry, so I think the thing that worked in the first conditioner I made was the banana. I'd really like to find something that will make my hair feel soft again to the touch. I don't really like any of the natural lines because they all seem to have preservatives or smell too perfumey. I prefer a fruity smell. If anyone has any ideas about this or the fading henna I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.


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    Hello! The first thing I would probably do is a clarifying shampoo. I have used Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying, but there are other brands, I'm sure. I would look for one with sulfates. You might have build-up of some sort, as pretty much all products can build up over time, even natural ones.

    I would also be careful with the coconut oil. If your hair is sensitive to protein, it may also be sensitive to coconut oil, which helps the hair retain protein. Does your natural foods store conditioner have protein in it? Some people find that overuse of protein in hair products creates hair that feels like straw.

    There are a variety of oils that can be used to soften the hair (see this post for info). If you like natural products, you could try the rosemary conditioning hair oil from Weleda. It is very good at making the hair soft. I use it if I have used too much protein on my hair and my hair is breaking off and feeling dry.
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    Thank you Therese. I've seen Weleda products at my health food store. I'll try to find the oil that you recommended and also find a clarifying shampoo. I've already kicked the coconut oil. Thanks again for the suggestions!

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