Techniques for Hood Dryers

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Hi there,

I have been letting my hair go natural for only a few months and basically follow the devacurl methods. I have read a lot about what my hair needs and I am trying out the things that I read that seem to make sense for me.

I invested in a nice hood dryer because I am hopeless with diffusers (plus I have fine, dense hair and it takes forever to dry). I have tried the devacurl method to dry hair under the hood which is using clips in specific areas to get lift for volume. Now, I am wondering.. is this the only way to get volume while using a hood dryer? I almost want to flip the thing upside down and dry my hair that way... any feedback? Flipping the hair to the side? Something? I took a picture of my hair presently which is a little flattened out with the hood. I don't really know if I am a 2C 3A seems to be a mix.
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