Giovanni 2 chic pineapple & ginger

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Just bought the new Giovanni pineapple & Ginger shampoo & conditioner to try and it looks like it is protein free and has the aloe & glycerin very low on the ingredient list unlike the other Giovanni products, for those of us that get dry or frizzy from those ingredients. Anyone else tried it yet? It smells like a pina colada!:thumbleft:
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Curly in AZ-2c-3a/Cherub/fine-med. texture/high porosity/normal elasticity/highlighted
Wash-Desert essence frizz be gone/ Shea Moosture curl & shine/Biolage keratin dose
Cond-Desert essence frizz be gone/Shea Moosture curl & Shine/ Biolage ultra hydrasource
Leave In- Conditioner large pea size
Stylers- Condition 3-in-1 mousse, Biologe mousse, Shea Moosture silicone free miracle styler leave in treatment, Shaper hairspray for extra hold.:coffee2::coffee:

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