Hair care regimen for cornrow braids

Hi, and thanks in advance.

I'm writing a story with a character who has cornrow braids in her (4A?) hair, and I want to depict her accurately. To that end, I'd like to understand what she would be doing to properly take care of it. Specifically:
  1. She lives on a traditional (sailing) ship with limited access to fresh water, possibly for weeks at a time. What might her morning hair care routine look like?
  2. What would happen to her hair if she could not keep up her regimen the way she would like?
  3. How often would she need to take out her braids, and for how long, before restoring her protective style?
  4. When she finally reached port, what special treatment might she look forward to having?
  5. Is there anything special she might do for her hair (in port) if she had an upcoming meeting with someone important, like the mayor or governor?

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