Hair is uneven, need advice please!

A few weeks ago, I cut off the relaxed ends of my hair after a long transition of 21 months. I was transitioning from a chemical relaxer to natural. While I love my newly natural curly hair(seems to be a mixture of 3b and 3c?), I cut it very uneven. I was not even really caring, I just wanted the relaxed ends gone. While I can wear it in an updo , it isn't noticeable at all, but I can't wear it down in an wash and go because then it is very noticeable. I really don't want to cut any more length.. should I try to just grow it out for a year then go to a curly specialist? Any advice?? thanks!


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    if you have a good stylist who you trust, i would tell her/him that i wanted to retain length, could it just be DUSTED (not trimmed) to even it out? or to make it better if not perfect, and then with subsequent cuts it would be even.......

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    I just had a Devacut done and I didn't want to lose length, I just wanted a better shape. (It was uneven and I had the dreaded pyramid.) She cut off basically no hair and my hair looks amazing. Like, I stare at myself in the mirror, I just can't get over it. The curl is enhanced, the shape is 100% better, and it's not shorter. I have no idea how she did it.

    If you go to the deva website, they have a salon search, as does this site. (This site includes reviews of nondeva salons, so read the reviews. There's a salon near me that has a high rating, but if you read the review, the rating is based on how well they straightened people's hair. Not what I was looking for.)

    Find a deva trained stylist and tell them what you told us. Worst case scenario, they can't help you right now and you have to grow out a bit.
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    Thanks ladies!

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