strand testing hair products

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I just did this last weekend and I don't know why I didn't think of it before: strand testing hair products.

How I did it:

I wanted to test 3 different gels over Back to Basics Pomegranate Conditioner. For me, this is a process that would normally take up to 21 days, since I only fully wash and condition my hair every 6-7 days. If I do cave in and wash it [even co-wash] more frequently, it gets very dried out and flyaway.

I was really keen on minimizing my time invested in this, since gels haven't worked very well for me in the past. I just wanted to get in and get out. After doing other product testing the last month or so and winding up putting my hair up 95% of the time because of poor results, I thought there had to be a better way.

So last weekend before I fully washed my hair, I just washed a section of it, used the products I wanted to test and pulled the rest back into a ponytail. It didn't even look really that weird, I just had some sections around my face hanging loose. When I needed to go out I tucked them under a pretty scarf, tied loosely. I got to see how they were after 12, 24, 36 hours.

Result: in a day and a half [and not one bad hair day] I figured out that BRHG is going to work way better over Abba Weightless and [buylink=]Devacurl Angel[/buylink]l.

I also got to compare the results side by side, in the same weather conditions, which was invaluable.


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    They say the best way to have an intelligent conversation is to talk to yourself, so I guess I don't mind! :lol:

    Anyway, an update: I'm using the BRHG this week over the pomegranate conditioner and it's working beautifully, much as the strand test worked. Such a relief after suffering through weeks of testing products, only to have bad hair day after bad hair day.

    This weekend I'm going to test the GF S+C this way.
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    That's cool.

    I've thought about doing this in the past, but my hair's pretty short and also it's different everywhere. Some strands are fine, some are coarse and there's always this one super curl right boink on top of my head. It curls really well and it also shinier than the rest of my hair but it sticks straight up like a cowlick. So anyway. I'd never know if it was that particular patch of hair, or the product.

    I love BRHG! Did you test the old or the new formula? Because apparently there's a change in the works.

    ETA: Obviously I don't have anything helpful to add to your post but I had to say something because we can't have people talking to themselves here!
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    Yeah, this method doesn't get around the way our hair is different all over our heads. I have the same issues. But I tested it on the types of strands that are sort of middle of the road for my hair and hoped for the best. So far it's really working well.

    It was the old BRHG that I used, bought last summer. I'm trying to use all the stuff I already have, in combination with some of these new drugstore/ulta finds, like Back to Basic condish, LOOB and GF S+C.

    I heard the formula is changing for BRHG, so that'll be the next strand test, I imagine!