Help me find a new stylist! NYC area

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My stylist quit. And my last haircut with her wasn't good. She usually listens, but this last time, she didm't. :( All the same, Im devastated to lose her. And at the same time, I need someone to try to fix her cut if possible. So I'm looking for someone in the NYC metro area, but actually outside the city (which is pricy and time consuming). So NY State or Northern NJ or anywhere close by is good. I did read the reviews on this site, but for my area there weren't many that had a lot of reviews. Any recs would be appreciated, whether you want to reply to this thread or PM me.

Super baby fine hair, low porosity
Shampoos: SM Fruit Fusion (mostly), Avalon lemon (to clarify). Occasional aloe vera and glycerin to wash.
Stylers: Intelligent Nutrients Perfect Hold Hairspray
Treatments: Catnip tea, IA girl's PT, Fermented Rice Water, Catnip Tea, Amla tea, Irish Moss, SS PT

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