Mop Top line = TERRIBLE results What did I do wrong?

Okay so I just HAD to try the mop top line since I read LBs glowing review of the condish(it was rec'd for fine hair) I used the shampoo,condish and gel and my hair turned out the worst it has in years
just totally flat limp and stringy and a bit crunchy in parts too AHHH
Does anyone using this line have pointers for me?TIA
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    I didn't have any better results than you did when I tried it, but I know icequeen has had great results with it. Hopefully she'll see this thread. :)
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    The gel was horrible for me. The shampoo was a little strong. I only really liked the condish. You might want to test them separately so you can see how each performs (with the rest of your normal routine as constants).
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    My successful results from MopTop are from using the entire line. I don't care for the gel without the spray. I end up with stringy hair using it alone or with other products. I use the method suggested on their website. I've still never gotten 2nd day hair which is a negative for me. However, the line is in my rotation of products.
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    Another thing that icequeen mentioned in another thread was not to use it on soaking wet hair. I got slightly better results using it after squeezing the water out, but still nothing fantastic. I liked the conditioner, but not enough to justify spending so much money on it.
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    i used it for the first time this morning and so far the results are pretty good. i have been using the ArchAngell but i find it to be too heavy -- i found moptop to be much lighter. but as we have all learned from these boards everyone's hair reacts differently.
    but i washed and conditioned -- squeezed out water -- put in about a 2 quarter sized amounts of gel and then spray all of head -- combed through and plopped for 15 minutes. when i took the tshirt off of my head i applied some more spray -- scrunched and fixed. then after about another 10 minutes i rubbed some gel in my hands and did a quick scrunch around my head.
    anway, i am planning on ordering a full size gel and spray.
    good luck!!!
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    Thanks everyone I will try to dry my hair a bit better next time and LB you are right I think the shampoo is WAAAAY too strong for me maybe I will skip that part but try the rest again.
    Lots of Fine easily weighed down 3A curls
    PJ currently loving Devacare one c, CEHT,& Durahold but still searching for HGs
    Finally grew out my bad layers!!!
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    I tried the gel and condish... the condishioner is by far one of the most moisturing ones i have ever tried but it weighted my hair down so much that my curls started to drop, they were still very frizz free though which was nice. I used it when i went on holiday last and i think it saved my hair from being snipped off because i had so many tangles but it saved the day big time!!

    The gel... i can't get on with, plus whilst my hair was drying it gave me a wet look which people started to comment on (in a negative way) a work so it had to go
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